ProxiTour is a new innovative service that offers access to multimedia information based on the user’s position, profile, and interests. It consists of two subsystems, the ProxiTour mobile application, and the ProxiTour CMS web application.

The ProxiTour mobile application (Android, iOS) is aimed at every user who wants to explore the historical, cultural, tourist, and of general interest wealth of information in a specific area by selecting the most appropriate tour from those available.

The ProxiTour CMS application is the platform for managing and publishing material about the historical, cultural, tourist, artistic, and general interest information of a specific area.

The ProxiTour system is developed in a way that can cover the needs of:

 Areas of cultural and historical interest
 Art galleries
 Local governments (Municipalities, Regions, communities) for the promotion of their city or respective area of jurisdiction
 Travel agencies
 Independent users (Guides, Writers, Historians, Individuals)