Who is ProxiTour targeted to?

The ProxiTour mobile application (for Android & iOS) is targeted to every user who wants to explore, wander and discover the cultural and historic wealth of an area that visits or even resides in.

To assist them on that, ProxiTour’s Content Management System is created for organizations, agencies, municipalities, and even individuals who want to promote and highlight points of interest based on their knowledge of the cultural, historic and touristic significance of a specific area. As such ProxiTour envisions to become an invaluable tool for:

  • Local governments for the promotion of their cities (smart cities

  • Museums, galleries, libraries, private collections

  • Organizations that promote areas of cultural and tourist interest

  • Rural tourism agencies (wineries, olive mills, visitable farms, gastronomic tourism)

  • Religious tourism organizers

  • Concerts, street festivals, artistic events, musical event organizers

  • Publishers, newspapers, journalists

  • Hotels, travel agencies, tour operators

  • Zoo’s administrations

  • Theme parks content creators

  • Cultural associations

  • Mountaineering – walking clubs for the organization of excursions and walks

  • Guides

  • Educators (creation of educational routes)

  • Independent users / authors