The smart tour guide solution

ProxiTour (Proximity Tour Guide), is the most innovative solution in the field of guided tours for the promotion of cultural heritage and tourism! A visitor with the use of the ProxiTour mobile application, can browse through numerous tours, select the one that is up to his/her interstress and be guided through the whole journey. When in proximity to an exhibit, monument, or point of interest, he/she automatically will receive the assigned personalized information on his/her handheld, thus being immersed in the whole experience. ProxiTour is the epitome of the tour approach and tourism 4.0, placing the visitor at the center of interest by introducing and promoting the concept of personalized storytelling!

The easy-to-use and flexible implementation of the system does not limit tours to outdoor areas. Innovative technology that runs in the background entails with the same ease and comfort the support of indoor tours too. Additionally, the fact that is by design highly scalable makes it an ideal tool for places of cultural and tourist interest that welcome a great number of visitors and are usually indulged with a large concentration and movement of crowds.

Using the most modern tools and technologies, ProxiTour perfectly meets multiple requirements and use-cases making it appropriate for any public or private organization that wants to promote and showcase its treasures in an immersive and location-based way, creating a new experience for its audience.

How It Works

A combination of technologies is used to identify the visitor’s position. When outdoors the GPS of the visitor’s mobile phone allows the system to obtain the current location and provide information for the points of interest in proximity. When indoors as there is no GPS coverage or if there is in most of the cases does not provide the necessary accuracy, ProxiTour uses Beacons and with the use of Bluetooth executes triangulation algorithms and calculates the position of the handheld. If needed, ProxiTour makes it possible to read QR-code labels or scan NFC sensors, that are placed near the exhibits and provide the assigned to them information.




The Smart Solution for Guided and Touring

ProxiTour is characterized by flexible payment plans and it is available with either a monthly or annual subscription (PaaS model – Platform as a Service). As such it minimizes the cost of initial investment and allows to pay for the system for the time period that best covers your needs.

Get ProxiTour now and entail your visitors to discover treasures in proximity in an immersive journey!